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Global housing at the end of 2017, no new line network number is expected to quadruple

The publisher:admin  Release time:2013-06-01  点击:3422

     According to foreign media reports, the world famous market Research companies in electronics industry IMS Research, according to the latest study by the Internet protocol and the stimulation of growth, more room television service with a new line network (no - new - wire) number of home network installation technology is expected to be jumped by almost 300% over the next five years.
     Research indicates that the Home plug-in and MoCA and other technical guidance, deployed number of families without new technology will all over the world from the end of 2012 the 2012 surge in more than 250 million by the end of 2017.
     No new line line as current consumer home technology (e.g., power lines, coaxial cable, twisted pair) of communication medium, using existing cable infrastructure significantly reduce costs and simplify the installation of wired home network. In the market at present there are many no new technology, including Home plug-in focuses on the transmission line, and MoCA is focused on the coaxial cable. In addition, we n tried to unite all three types of lines.
     IHS connection, a senior analyst at Liam quake (Liam Quirke) pointed out: "no new technologies are driven by a variety of needs, including and not equipped with a wireless connection terminals sharing an Internet connection, expand existing home network and improve the poor network coverage areas, and increasing bandwidth demand, etc. In particular, no networking protocol and more growth in room TV service is expected to increase user demand for no new technology, the reason is that these services to network bandwidth pressure."
     Even so, without increasing the adoption rate of new network technology is not expected to affect the wi-fi. He added: "wi-fi provides consumers with its mobile devices (e.g., laptop, tablet or smartphone) to connect to the possibility of its home network. In this regard, wi-fi will continue to provide this kind of wireless data transmission between network devices and family provide great convenience."
     No new line technology is seen as wi-fi in the home use, can provide higher bandwidth for static terminal to connect to, and usually is mainly used for video streaming services. HomePlug and MoCA has become different so far no new technology adoption of the highest standard of two kinds, respectively obtained great success in Europe and North America. However, accredited we n in the first the chipset in the fourth quarter of last year, zte recently announced plans to use the technology in a series of power line network adapter.
     Although we can n success remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: no new line network technology market is expected to continue to grow.


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