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The development of electric power meter instrument in our country

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     Electricity meter in the development of instrument and meter of China, to compare with agile, now has formed abundant commodity varieties compare parts, sales also in unceasing increase.
     As early as 2006, when China has become a power test equipment exporter, but industry still exist a variety of difficult. Whether those elements restricts the development of instrument and meter industry in China.
     Can set different promotion is slow. At present, China's leading instrument most rely on imports, but the most leading instrumentation products abroad are usually in the lab to develop, on the market can't buy. If will make different activities for the first-class technology, it is limited by the skill.
     The company size and nature of the industry. Instrumentation although has obtained high in these days, but affected by the "GDP", the company to seek economic benefit blindly, and ignore commodity skills set, product quality, is the industry there are many unhealthy elements. Instrument control skills are developed countries insist on advantage of important positions. Instrument and meter industry in China to catch up with the developed countries, it is necessary to start from the source. Strengthening the autonomous state, to adhere to the correct development direction, with high quality goods progress the center of the company competitiveness.

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