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Global video surveillance equipment market forecast revenue will reach $2016 in 20.5 billion

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    Canberra May 30 (Reuters) Australia's commonwealth scientific and industrial research organization 30, announced that the group with 4 top universities Australia has won a $13 million ($1 is about $0.97), grid technology research and development for the future.
    Australian commonwealth scientific and industrial research organization and the university of Sydney, Newcastle university, the university of Queensland and new south wales university jointly carry out the project named "clusters" future power grid, the goal is to plan and design a more energy efficient and less emissions of the national grid. To 2050, the Australian national grid will be able to use as many as 20 kinds of energy sources and technologies.
At the launch ceremony, Australia commonwealth scientific and industrial research organization said Tom hatton, director of the department of energy (doe), over the past few decades, Australia has maintained a stable power system, mainly rely on the predictable and controllable energy and technology. And in two hundred and thirty, in the future power system will face ever since the industrial revolution change, need huge effort and strengthen capacity building.
    "Future grid cluster" project director, Tony varsa said, a professor at the university of Sydney, in the next 20 years, Australia in the field of power grid will be a $240 billion change. "Future grid cluster" project brings together Australia in this area the most powerful research strength, to participate in the project of each university will contribute to professional knowledge, and the commonwealth scientific and industrial research organization to develop for the future power grid technology, provide help for decision makers.


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