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Touch laptop heat penetration rate is expected to be 15% in the second half year

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   According to according to research firm WitsView study, touch-screen laptop development is expected in the second half of the warming, this is likely to make its penetration rate reached 15%.
   WitsView, said Microsoft recently have promotion plan for Windows 8-11.6 inches and the following size touch screen laptops provide 30 dollars discount vouchers, effective this type touch screen laptops price fell by $400 to $450, is expected to help increase the popularity of touch screen laptops
   In addition, the touch module manufacturers are also related products to increase production, and reduce the price. WitsView, according to industry leading enterprises such as TPK has expanded capacity, and panel makers have been developing a more comprehensive solution products. Touch module production capacity increase, has tempered glass solutions (OGS) products in short supply situation, and further to lower the price of touch screen.
   WitsView, said laptop shipments are expected to reach 175.4 million units in 2013, 5% lower than in 2012.



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